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Aletheia in the Ancient Greek Thought. General Introduction

Pre-Philosophical Concepts of Truth

Bibliography on the Theories of Truth in Ancient Greek Philosophy

History of Truth. Bibliography on Greek Authors

Parmenides and the Question of Being in Greek Thought

Critical Notes on His Fragments (Diels Kranz fr. 1-3)

Critical Editions and Translations

Selected and annotated Bibliography of studies on Parmenides in English:

A - B

C - E

F - G

H - K

L - Mos

Mou - Q

R - Sta

Ste - Z

Bibliographies on Parmenides in other languages:

Bibliographie des études en Français

Bibliografia degli studi in Italiano

Bibliographie der Studien auf Deutsch

Bibliografía de estudios en Español

Bibliografía de estudos em Português


Plato: Bibliographical Resources on Selected Dialogues

Plato's Parmenides and the Dilemma of Participation

Selected Bibliography on Plato's Parmenides

Semantics, Predication, Truth and Falsehood in Plato's Sophist

Selected Bibliography on Plato's Sophist in English:

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (A - Buc)

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (Can - Fos)

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (Fra - Kah)

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (Kal - Mig)

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (Mil - Pec)

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (Pel - San)

Plato's Sophist. Annotated Bibliography (Say - Zuc)

Bibliographies on Plato's Sophist in other languages:

Platon: Sophiste. Bibliographie des études en Français (A - L)

Platon: Sophiste. Bibliographie des études en Français (M - Z)

Platon: Sophistes. Ausgewählte Studien in Deutsch

Platone: Sofista. Bibliografia degli studi in Italiano

Platón: Sofista. Bibliografía de estudios en Español

Platão: Sofista. Bibliografía dos estudos em Portugués


Aristotle: Bibliographical Resources on Selected Philosophical Works

Aristotle's Definition of a Science of Being qua Being

Selected Bibliography on Aristotle's Concept of Metaphysics

The Doctrine of Categories of Aristotle:

Semantics and Ontological Analysis in Aristotle's Categories

Aristotle's Categories. Annotated Bibliography of the studies in English:

First part: A - C

Second part: D - Het

Third part: Hin - N

Fourth part: O - Z

Bibliographie der deutschen Studien zur Aristoteles Kategorien

Bibliographie des études en français sur les Catégories d'Aristote

Bibliografia degli studi italiani sulle Categorie di Aristotele

The Origins of the Corpus Aristotelicum

The Rediscovery of the Corpus Aristotelicum and the Beginning of the Commentary Tradition

Bibliography on the Ancient Catalogues of Aristotle's Writings and the Origin of the Corpus Aristotelicum

Studies in English on the Corpus Aristotelicum

Selected Bibliography on Diogenes Laertius

Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius. A Bibliography

Ancient Catalogues of Aristotle's Works:

Diogenes Laertius, Lives, V 22-27

Hesychius and Ptolemy al-Garib

Listes Anciennes des Ouvrages d'Aristote:

Diogène Laërce, Vies V, 22-27

Hésychius de Milet et Ptolémée el-Garib

Eudemus, Theophrastus

Theophrastus's Metaphysics: Debating with Aristotle

Selected Bibliography on the Philosophical Work of Theophrastus


The Stoic Doctrine of Supreme Genera (Categories)

Selected Bibliography on The Stoic Doctrine of Supreme Genera (Categories)

Stoic Ontology: the Doctrine of "Something" as Supreme Genus (under construction)

Selected Bibliography on Stoic Ontology


Plotinus' Criticism of Aristotle's Categories (Enneads VI, 1-3)

Bibliography on Plotinus' Criticism of Aristotle's Categories


Boethius' Metaphysics of Being and Goodness

Boethius' Metaphysics. An Annotated Bibliography: First Part: A - J

Boethius' Metaphysics. An Annotated Bibliography: Second Part: K - Z

Boethius' Contribution to the Quadrivium. Selected Bibliography

Neoplatonic Commentators of Aristotle

Ancient Greek Commentaries on Aristotle's Categories

Bibliography on the Greek Commentators of Aristotle's Categories

The Neoplatonic Commentators on Aristotle's Metaphysics

Selected Bibliography on The Neoplatonic Commentators on Aristotle

Proceedings of the Symposia on Ancient Philosophy

Proceedings of Symposium Platonicum, Aristotelicum Hellenisticum