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Bibliographical resources on some logical and metaphysical works of Aristotle


Readers with Greek will find indispensable:

Hermann Bonitz, Index aristotelicum, First edition Berlin, 1870, reprinted by Walter de Gruyter, 1961.

A new Greek Lexicon of Aristotle's works is now available:

Aristotle. Edited by Roberto Radice, Electronic edition by Roberto Bombacigno, Milano: Biblia, 2005.

Readers without knowledge of Greek can see:

Wilson Organ Troy, An Index to Aristotle in English Translation, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1949 (reprinted in 1966, New York: Gordian Press).

From the Preface: "It is well-known that the Corpus Aristotelicum contains many passages which throw light on one another, but there has been no method by which the student of Aristotle can easily discover this interrelationship. Bonitz' word index is of great help to advanced students of Aristotle in locating terms, but it is of little value to those who are interested in attaining a well-rounded view of Aristotle's analysis of a particular subject. Students of Plato find Abbott's index to Jowett's translations of the dialogues invaluable; but students of Aristotle, who are in much greater need of a synoptic apparatus, have no such work to which they may refer. Consequently, Aristotle is often studied as a biologist, or an orator, or a metaphysician, or an art critic, or a political and moral philosopher without due attention being given to the light thrown upon a particular view by his other works. When approached in this manner Aristotle is open to unnecessary misinterpretations; for example, he has been unduly Christianized by those who have attempted to comment upon the Politics or the Poetics without appreciating the relevance of his Ethics and Metaphysics. The intricacies of his terminology and the variety of extant translations add to the difficulty. This English topical index should aid not only the philosopher, but also the student of letters, politics, ethics, or psychology who seeks to evaluate Aristotle's contribution in a specific field.

In the preparation of this index the eleven volume English translation edited by W. D. Ross and J. A. Smith and published by the Oxford University Press (1908-1931) was used. The page numbering is that of the Berlin Academy edition of the Greek text (1831-1870) edited by Immanuel Bekker. This pagination is listed in the margins of the Oxford translations and is likewise indicated in most translations of Aristotle's works. In this pagination, 184 b 32, for example, refers to line 32 of the second column on page 1284 of the text."

Critical editions and translations of Aristotle's Categories

Greek text

  1. Aristotle. 1844. Aristotelis Organon graece. Lipsiae: Sumtibus Hahnianis.

    Novis codicum auxiliis adiutus recognovit, scholiis ineditis et commentario instruxit Theodorus Waitz.

    Pars prior 1844: Categoriae, Hermeneutica, Analytica priora. pp. XXXII, 540; Pars posterior 1846: Analytica posteriora, Topica. pp. X, 599.

    Reprinted Aalen, Scientia Verlag 1965 and Dubuque, Iowa : Wm. C. Brown Reprint Library 1962 (?).

    Index of the Categories: De codicibus graecis Organi, pp. 1-29; Scholia ad Categoria, pp. 30-38; Commentarius, pp. 265-322.

  2. ———. 1949. Aristotelis Categoriae et Liber De interpretatione. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    Recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit Lorenzo Minio-Paluello.

  3. ———. 2001. [Catégories]. Paris: Les Belles Lettres.

    Texte établi et traduit par Richard Bodéüs (Élements de bibliographie: pp. CXCI-CCXV).

  4. Colin, Bernard, and Rutten, Christian, eds. 1993. Aristote. Categoriae. Index verborum Listes de fréquence. Liège: C.I.P.L.

English translations

  1. Aristotle. 1963. Aristotle's Categories and De interpretatione. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

    Translated with notes and glossary by John Lloyd Ackrill.

  2. ———. 1980. Aristotle's Categories and Propositions (De interpretatione). Grinnell: Peripatetic Press.

    Translated with commentaries and glossary by Hippocrates G. Apostle.

French translations

  1. Arstote. 1983. Les Attributions (catégories). Le texte aristotélicien et les prolegomènes d'Ammonios d'Hermeias. Paris: Les Belles Lettres.

    Présentées, traduits et annotées par Yvan Pelletier.

  2. ———. 2002. Catégories. Paris: Éditions du Seuil.

    Présentation, traduction du Grec et commentaires par Frédérique Ildefonse et Jean Lallot.

  3. ———. 2001. [Catégories]. Paris: Les Belles Lettres.

    Texte établi et traduit par Richard Bodéüs (Élements de bibliographie: pp. CXCI-CCXV).

  4. ———. 2007. Catégories. Sur l'interprétation. Organon I-II. Paris: GF Flammarion.

    Introduction géenérale à l'Organon par Pierre Pellegrin.

    > Introduction, traduction, notes et index des Catégories par Peirre Pellegrin et Michel Crubellier.

    > Introduction, traduction, notes et index de Sur l'interprétation par Catherine Dalimier.

Italian translations

  1. Aristotele. 1955. Organon. Torino: Einaudi.

    Introduzione, traduzione e note di Giorgio Colli.

    > Ristampa in tre volumi: Bari, Laterza, 1970.

  2. ———. 1989. Categorie. Milano: Rizzoli.

    Introduzione, traduzione e commento di Marcello Zanatta (Bibliografia: pp. 271-298).

German translations

  1. Aristoteles. 1984. Kategorien. Berlin: Akademie-Varlag.

    Übersetzt und erläutert von Klaus Oehler (Bibliographie: pp. 120-151).

  2. ———. 1998. Kategorien. Hermeneutik, oder vom spraclichen Ausdruck (De interpretatione). Hamburg: Meiner.

    Herausgegeben, ubersetzt, mit Einleitungen und Anmerkungen versehen von Hans Gunter Zekl.

Spanish translations

  1. Aristóteles. 1988. Tratados de lógica: Órganon. Madrid: Editorial Gredos.

    Vol. 1: Categorías; Tópicos; Sobre las refutaciones sofísticas; Vol.2: Sobre la interpretación; Analíticos primeros; Analíticos segundos.

    > Introducciones, traducciones y notas per Manuel Candel Sanmartín.

  2. ———. 1999. Categorías. De Interpretatione. Porfirio: Isagoge. Madrid: Tecnos.

    Introducción, traducción y notas de A. García Suárez, L. M. Valdés Villanueva y J. Velarde Lombraña.

Portuguese translations

  1. Aristóteles. 2004. Categorias. Goiânia (Brasil): Editora Alternativa.

    Traduçao do grego clássico, introduçao e notas feitas por José Veríssimo Teixeira da Mata.

Critical editions and translations of Aristotle's De interpretatione

(In preparation)

Bibliographical resources on Aristotle's Metaphysics

On Aristotle's Metaphysics the most complete bibliography is:

Roberto Radice e vari collaboratori, La 'Metafisica' di Aristotle nel XX secolo. Bibliografia ragionata e sistematica, Seconda edizione riveduta, corretta e ampliata, Presentazione di Giovanni Reale, Milano: Vita e Pensiero 1997.

English translation: Roberto Radice and Richard Davies, Aristotle's Metaphysics. Annotated bibliography of the Twentieth-Century Literature, Leiden: Brill 1997.

From the Foreword by Giovanni Reale: "The historiography of philosophy, especially today, with the huge and unpredictable growth in publication, has need of Annotated bibliography. Aiming to avoid the Scylla of partialness and the Charybdis of mere cataloguing, the present volume aims not merely to collect most, but to describe much, of the astonishing amount of work that Aristotle's Metaphysics has stimulated and continues to stimulate in our century.Roberto Radice undertook the labour of putting this bibliography together more than five years ago, and has worked at it tirelessly and with great efficiency ever since, producing the first Italian edition in 1996. This sold out in less than a year, and the second, up-dated, edition appeared in 1997. It is on this latter that Richard Davies has based his translation. My hope is that the reader will appreciate not only their vision of the importance of the instrument they have made available, but also the commitment and passion that they and the other collaborators have brought to this undertaking.

The result of the editors' collaboration with the team of more than forty scholars world wide is a work that will surely be indispensable to anyone seeking to investigate the Metaphysics with an open mind and without the blinkers of methodological or theoretical preconceptions. I am confident, therefore, that Aristotle's masterpiece will be more fruitfully exploited and more clearly seen for what it is-one of the great and abiding legacies of ancient Greece."

Critical editions of the Book Gamma of Aristotle's Metaphysics

  1. Ross, William David. 1924. Aristotle's Metaphysics. A Revised Text with Introduction and Commentary. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  2. Jaeger, Werner. 1957. Aristotelis Metaphysica. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  3. Plezia, Marian, ed. 1977. Aristotelis Privatorum Scriptorum Fragmenta. Leipzig: Teubner.

  4. Gigon, Olof, ed. 1987. Aristoteles Opera. III. Librorum deperditorum fragmenta. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.

  5. Cassin, Barbara, and Narcy, Michel, eds. 1989. La Decision du sens. Le livre "Gamma" de la "Métaphysique" d'Aristote. Paris: Vrin.

    Introduction, texte, traduction et commentaire.

    > Traduzione italiana: La decisione di significare. Il libro Gamma della Metafisica, edizione italiana a cura di Stefano Maso, Bologna: Zanichelli, 1997.

  6. Hecquet-Devienne, Myriam. 2008. Aristote. Métaphysique Gamma. Édition, traduction, études. Louvain-la-Neuve: Éditions Peeters.

    Introduction, texte grec et traduction par M. Hecquet-Devienne.

    > Onze études réunies par Annick Stevens.