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Jacob Lorhard (1561-1609): The Creator of the Term "Ontologia" (1606)

Works by Jacob Lorhard

The first edition of his Ogdoas Scholastica contains the first occurrence of the Latin term"Ontologiae".

  1. Disputatio de systasei actionum. Tubingae: Georg Gruppenbach, 1591.
  2. Propositiones de vera et reali praesentia corporis et sanguinis Christi in s. coena. Tubingae: Gruppenbach, 1592.
  3. Disputatio de vera et Aristotelica methodo demonstrandi. Dissertation. (Defender: Georg Johannes Peplis). Tubingae: Gruppenbach, 1592.
  4. Liber de adeptione veri necessarii seu apodictici, in quo habes, candide lector, luculentam rationem et methodum conficiendi syllogismi necessarii, omnium philosophorum indefessis studiis et laboribus, ex obscurissimo Aristotele quaesitam. Tubingae: Gruppenbach, 1597.
  5. Ogdoas Scholastica, continens Diagraphen Typicam artium: Grammatices (Latinae, Graecae), Logices, Rhetorices, Astronomices, Ethices, Physices, Metaphysices, seu Ontologiae. Sangalli: Straub, 1606.
  6. Theatrum Philosophicum: In quo Artium Ac Disciplinarum Philosophicarum plerarumq[ue] omnium, Grammatices Latinae, Graecae, & Hebraeae: Logices; Rhetorices; Arithmetices; Geometriae; Musices; Astronomices; Ethices; Physices; Metaphysices; Praecepta, in perpetuis Schematismis ac Typis, tanquam in speculo, cognoscenda obiiciuntur. Basileae: Waldkirch, 1613. Second, expanded edition of Lorhard (1606).

Jacob Lorhard - book on Ontology

Ogdoas Scholastica (1606): The Diagraph of Ontologia

Jacob Lorhard - Diagraph of Ontology

Translation of Lorhard's Diagraph of Ontology

Translation from: Peter Øhrstøm, Sara L. Uckelman, Henrik Schärfe, "Historical and Conceptual Foundations of Diagrammatical Ontology", in: Uta Priss, Simon Polovina, Richard Hill (eds). Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Architectures for Smart Applications, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, Sheffield, UK, July 22-27, 2007, Berlin: Springer 2007, pp. 374-386.


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